Summer is on it’s way!
June is here, and this means summer is right around the corner . With June 21st being the official first day. We have been on a weather roller-costar this spring temperature wise. We had to work around the rain and cold for many of our May activities because of what Mother Nature sent us. In mid May we took advantage of a beautiful day and were able to get our gardens and flowers planted at River Bend. Residents and Staff had a wonderful time working together in the dirt! Now, it will be important to keep everything watered and hope for some sunshine too! It is always exciting to watch the produce sprout and grow. Gardening is therapeutic for many, even those who don’t enjoy sowing the seeds take delight in watching the garden progress and of course we savor the harvest! This year we planted a large variety of vegetables including beans, lettuce, peppers, and more. Watch our website and Facebook page for more of our garden updates! We are all excited to see and enjoy the “fruits of our labor.”

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