The Month of Love
When it comes to February, we often think of valentines, hearts, and, of course, chocolates! Valentine’s Day gives us a nice chance to drop a card in the mail to let loved ones know we are thinking about them. The winter weather keeps us inside more, and honestly, most everyone, no matter their age, loves to get mail (when it’s not bills). Why not take a minute and send a card out today! It does not need to be a valentine or even a store-bought card. Just a simple note to send love and well wishes can make someone's whole week! With this winter weather it seems we all need something to look forward to. We have some excitement planned here at River Bend to celebrate this “Month of Love.” All of our residents will enjoy a very special Valentine’s Day Dinner on Friday, February 14th with a crowning of our Valentine King & Queen which has become a River Bend tradition.

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