The month of February is known as the month of love. We see hearts everywhere, on boxes of candy, Valentine cards, store displays, and TV commercials to remind us to show our love for others.

However, February is not the only time to make some grand gesture to express your love. It’s about the little things every day.

We recently had a couple at River Bend celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary. Like other married couples, they have endured the true tests of time because of unending love. The most heartwarming expression of love we have seen is when some couples sit next to each other with their hands barely touching. It’s a subtle gesture between them, but it always makes us smile.

Here at River Bend, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day with our annual Sweetheart Dinner for the residents. Residents will vote for the 2019 Valentine King and Queen, and the winners will be announced before dinner.

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